Skatepark Design and Construction

Your turnkey solution for municipal and private skatepark design and construction, Tsivikos Enterprises has been conducting design and construction services involving Shotcrete and Gunite for almost 15 years.  As such, Tsivikos has developed the capability to provide services across a wide range of applications which utilize the extraordinary process of pneumatically applied concrete in both wet and dry forms.

With a strong background in the design and construction of aquatic facilities, the unique curves, shaping, finishing, structural reinforcement, and construction methods of pools are strongly linked to those of Skateparks.  Tsivikos Enterprises is owned by an individual with a lifelong passion for extreme sports, growing up as an avid skater and BMX rider in NJ.  Having been involved in the construction of skate elements since his grandfather was the landlord for one the first major skateparks in the state of NJ, his experience designing and building skateparks and skate elements is extensive.  Also, very lucky to grow up in Asbury Park, he had the privilege of skating and riding one of the country’s most famous pools at the time, The Asbury Park Pool, which was eventually demolished around 2002.

Working with a group of skatepark designers with over 20 years experience designing parks, Tsivikos Enterprises offers it’s unique engineering capability to provide full turnkey facilities as well as signed and sealed construction drawings with seals available by Professional Engineers in most of the continental United States.  In addition to the design capability, Tsivikos is capable of bidding public projects in the multi-million dollar range, and offers its vast experience as a government focused contractor in the NY-NJ area, one of the most challenging markets in the USA.  All parks undertaken by Tsivikos are built to the same standards required by the municipalities, counties, and other government entities it is accustomed to working with.

If you can dream it, we can build it.  Our diverse background in speciality contracting, dealing with public entities, and engineering design can offer you an unmatched solution when your body is interested in designing and building a skatepark to the highest standards.  Our skateparks are designed by skaters and riders, built by some of the most experienced artisans in the country, and every project is overseen by engineers from start to finish.  We can even offer fundraising and grant acquisition consultation as well as preliminary design and budget analysis to assist you during your quest to fund, plan, and construct a skatepark.

If you want a skatepark designed and built anywhere in the USA, Tsivikos Enterprises offers a very unique solution to provide the highest quality services possible.  Reach out to us today to begin your journey towards building a world class skatepark.

Madison Avenue Skatepark – Plainfield, NJ

Grand Opening – Madison Avenue Skatepark

Shooting Colored Shotcrete to Construct an 8′ Tall Quarter Pipe/Vert Wall at the Madison Avenue Skatepark in Plainfield, NJ



Groundbreaking – City of Plainfield Madison Avenue Skatepark