Potable Water Epoxy

As a certified installer for several different manufacturers of Potable Water Epoxy, we are your specialist for all of your coating needs. Recently certified by Madewell Products of Alpharetta, Georgia, we now offer their full product line for all applications ranging from Aquariums to Water Treatment Plants. We have the ability to offer warranties up to 10 years depending on your budget and application!

We specialize in epoxy applications in many different industries, including water treatment plants, ground level and raised water holding tanks, aquariums, and many other applications. Also specializing in specialized flooring applications, our diverse background across industries makes us your single solution for all of your epoxy needs.

We are capable of offer complete turn key solutions including removal by means of sand or water blasting, as well as re-application of potable water coating systems of different types. We maintain the capability to install other coating systems as well, including the technology gaining more momentum of late: poly-urea. We can also offered PE stamped containment solutions as well as lead and asbestos abatement as needed. Structural steel repairs, bonding and grounding, and cathodic protection renovations can be offered to supplement our services in these segments of work.

With a background in the design and renovation of aquatic habitats for marine mammals, failure is simply not an option. Our background in engineering coupled with our focus in the government sector makes our rigorous approach to design and construction in this sector is unmatched.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our potable water coating services!