Pool Restorations

We are capable of completing a pool restoration and renovation of any size. From structural concrete patching, sandblasting, tile, and coping, to all types of surfacing, concrete work, and aquatic features installation.

We have the ability to take a pool in any condition and give it a breath of life like never before. We have the ability to conduct complete turn key renovations of your aquatic facility. There is no renovation too extensive for our team. And of course having completed the majority of our work in the government sector, we hold our private commercial renovations to the same rigorous standards we are accustomed to adhering to.

Saying we would give your pool a face lift would be a misnomer, we can give your old pool the look of a new pool no matter what the condition. Of course there are instances where the integrity of the pool structure has been compromised, at which point we will still use our Gunite and Shotcrete patching techniques to restore your pool to the condition of its younger years.

Reach out to us today and get started restoring and modernizing your aquatic facility.

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