Tsivikos Enterprises specializes in the design, construction, and renovation of large-scale aquariums for all species of aquatic life. Construction of aquariums is far easier said than done; the safety of the animals must always remain at the forefront of all work that is conducted. With a diverse group of engineers working in all phases of design and construction, you can be assured that safety is our top priority.

We are certified by several manufacturers producing potable water grade epoxy and poly-urea coatings, including Madewell Products, created specifically for use in habitats for marine mammals and aquatic life. Having conducted extensive training in the applications of non-leaching potable water products, our knowledge and experience is unmatched. We can offer full removal and replacement of any coating system needed as well as consultation to help you find the perfect match for your application!

Unlike most other firms which specialize in a particular segment of aquarium construction; we are skilled in all segments of work including recirculation systems, structural repairs, shot-crete rock formations, water quality analysis and consultation, acrylic panel polishing, and all coating systems including removal by sand or water blasting.

When it comes to priceless marine life, choose a company you can depend on. Our background in engineering guarantees a meticulous and safety focused approach to all of our services. Reach out to us today to see how we can help design and build the aquatic habitat of your dreams!